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Vinsanto Dining Table

The Vinsanto dining table is made from a unique and rare type of wine cask, the 10 000 liter barrique style oak cask and the only dining table in our range with a pedestal base.

Design Features

  1. This table has a pedestal base which makes it very practical for squeezing in additional guests, without anyone having to fold themselves around a table leg.
  2. The edges of the table top are kept in their original barrel-end shape to remind us of the long rich history of the timber.


The entire table is made from reclaimed oak from rare 10 000 liters wine casks. The radial grain of the quarter split oak, wine stains and oxidized, blackened grain pores are clearly highlighted. Although these barrels do not have stave numbers stamped on the heads, the original shape of the stave heads are kept intact in the same way as the Syrah Reserve table.

Manufacturing time: 8 - 10 weeks

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